Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oil stains are no match for Oil Grabber Oil Stain Remover!

We have done it again! We have made every home owners life easier! How many of you have an old oil stain in your driveway or garage? How many of you have a BBQ grill that sometimes misses the drip pan and gets grease on your wood or composite deck? I'm sure the majority of homeowners have run into one of these problems before. Well we have created a simple solution to this problem. The product is called Oil Grabber oil stain remover.

This biodegradable product makes life simple.

Here are the steps:

1. Find your oil stain

2. Always test a small area before use.

3. Apply to stain, extending one inch
beyond perimeter.

4. Allow 5 to 8 hours to dry. Sweep up powder.

5. Rinse the area with a strong stream of water, and allow moisture to evaporate.

It's simple, every home needs a bottle of Oil Grabber oil stain remover. What home doesn't have that pesky oil stain, or that BBQ grill that the grease just happens to miss the drip pan? With our simple pour, dry, sweep, and rinse instructions the days of spending countless hours trying to remove minuscule oil stains are over!