Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My many uses for Original Krud Kutter

These days the endless list of uses for Krud Kutter seems to grow everyday! From cleaning carpet, to grime on your clothes the list is very long! For some of you that are new to the amazing world of Krud Kutter, I wanted to compile a list of all of the possible uses of the product. So here it is, and I will continue to update this list as it grows.

Uses for Original Krud Kutter

-Cleaning Clothes Stains such as:
food stains
drink stains
dried latex paint
lip stick
road grime (for the cycalists out there)
red clay (for those baseball/softball pants)
pretty much any other strange substance that can be found on clothes!

-Cleaning Carpet stains such as:
pet Stains
drink stains
food stains
use in carpet cleaner
pretty much any other strange substance that can be found on carpet!

-Cleaning Gutters

-Cleaning patio furniture

-Cleaning baseboards

-Cleaning BBQ grills

-Cleaning Hoods and Exaust fans

-Cleaning Tubs, Sinks, & Showers

-Cleaning tools, equiptment, and machinery

-Cleaning Ovens

-Cleaning Tile and grout

-Cleaning whitewalls and wheels

-Cleaning Engines

-Floor Wax removal

-Adhesive Removal

-Cleaning Blinds

-Cleaning fiberglass, linoleum, aluminum, vinyl

-Cleaning water trough

-Cleaning Coffee Pot

-Cleaning Soap Scum off of shower doors

-Cleaning Shoes

-Cleaning nasty trash cans

-Helping us keep our childhood to share with the next generation by safely cleaning old toys

-Cleaning old hand-me-downs from older generations such as tubberware

-Creating a good game of meet you in the middle cleaning on crayon covered walls!

There are so many more uses for this product and I know they will continue to grow every day. I will continue to update this list as it grows. Thanks to all the Krud Kutter facebook fans for your help!

Monday, February 15, 2010

If it's still too cold for the NASTY GRILL how about the NASTY STOVE?

So we started a contest to try and get people to clean their nasty grill. We have little success as most of the responses I get is that it's still to cold to go out and clean those grills that could be under a few feet of snow! With this in mind I have added another application which we will accept for our contest. The NASTIEST STOVE will now be a part of this contest! If you have or no someone that has a nasty stove take a picture of it. Post it on our Facebook page Facebook | Krud Kutter and you will get product to clean your NASTY STOVE! It's that easy!

I have taken some pictures of what Krud Kutter can do for your nasty stove. Simply send us a picture of your dirty stove top and we will send you product to clean it! No scrubbing or hard work required. When I cleaned my stove top I simply sprayed Original Krud Kutter on the surface, left it sit for a couple minutes, and then wiped it up with a wet paper towel. Since you are stuck inside watching the snow fall in February, why not be productive and start your spring cleaning early and get free stuff.