Monday, February 15, 2010

If it's still too cold for the NASTY GRILL how about the NASTY STOVE?

So we started a contest to try and get people to clean their nasty grill. We have little success as most of the responses I get is that it's still to cold to go out and clean those grills that could be under a few feet of snow! With this in mind I have added another application which we will accept for our contest. The NASTIEST STOVE will now be a part of this contest! If you have or no someone that has a nasty stove take a picture of it. Post it on our Facebook page Facebook | Krud Kutter and you will get product to clean your NASTY STOVE! It's that easy!

I have taken some pictures of what Krud Kutter can do for your nasty stove. Simply send us a picture of your dirty stove top and we will send you product to clean it! No scrubbing or hard work required. When I cleaned my stove top I simply sprayed Original Krud Kutter on the surface, left it sit for a couple minutes, and then wiped it up with a wet paper towel. Since you are stuck inside watching the snow fall in February, why not be productive and start your spring cleaning early and get free stuff.

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